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It’s almost game time and town is starting to jump. The tailgate will be back this week in full mutha-f’n effect. Not only are we welcoming Les “The Hat” Miles and his Bayou Bengals to town we have also decided to be the the official host of the Haley Lafontaine Family (take the time to read this and don’t forget comment #37 as it is possibly one of the funniest things. ever.)

The menu this week will feature Jambalaya prepared by our very own guest coon-ass person of Acadian Ancestry and one of the Board Members his contemplating something called Crawfish Monica (we might have dated her in high school). Other highlights of the weekend will be the new fan favorite jello shooters (typically available in Strawbery/Vodka and Black Cherry/Whiskey, which is surprisingly good). There has also been speculation that a Daqarui Mixer constructed from a gas weedeater will be present and operating (Sounds exciting and slightly dangerous). As always bring and appetizer or chips and dip and beer. Lots and lots of beer.

We’ll be in the usual spot by 9:00 with the TV going. It is fully expected that the Quad will be full this week with several patches of purple and gold disbursed amongst the Crimson. Needless to say its going to be crazy. It has been our experience that LSU fans are a lot of fun. They know and love the game and treat you like kings (or better yet family) when you visit their home. They do love to tease but it is 99.9% in fun so don’t get upset if you hear “Tiger Bait.” Of course we have been scared for our lives once in Tiger Stadium (once while in the student section clad in Crimson – insert dumb ass comment here- a girl screamed at us, “What the fuck are you doing here?” But all in all they are great hosts and our sincere hope is that they are shown the same respect here.

We’ll see you on the Quad.

Roll Tide Roll – Beat the Tigers!


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