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At a Christmas party this past Saturday night, in the hours after the announcement of the hiring of Auburn’s new coach, some friends and I coined a new word.


Sure, it’s already a name but we decided a new definition would suit it just fine and thus Chiziked was born. I won’t bore you with the properties of this new word, I’ll just use it for you in a sentence:

“I had some bad Mexican food today and spent about two hours on the john busting a Chizik.”

Or a more apropos usage: “Auburn really took a Chizik with the results of  their latest coaching search.”

Gene Chizik? Really? What, was Mike Shula not answering his phone?

My last vote, at least until post-bowl season, in Senator Blutarsky’s Mumme Poll.

The Top Five:

Remember this is not supposed to be in order, but I’m listing them as I would a top five. However, this (poll) seems to be a good way to do this because this year there are several ways to look at this.

Florida: They were No. 2 and beat the previous No. 1 and thus should be No. 1. This might be he most complete football team in the country. Tim Tebow is the best football player in America. Period.

Alabama:  Their only loss is to the best team in the country and call me homer, but if they played that game ten time, I believe Alabama could win five of them – alright at least four – but come on, unless you were a Gator fan, when the Tide was controlling the third quarter, you were thinking, “Alabama is gonna win this thing.”
Texas: The Longhorn’s record and head-to-head win over the Sooner’s put them in an elite group. I wish that the Big XII South had a better out-of-conference resume as a whole, and then we could tell more about them, as a whole, but we should all know much more about them after the bowl season.

Oklahoma: The same things from the Longhorns’ description above, with the exception that they lost the head-to-head.

USC: The moral of this story is, you can’t afford a loss if you’re in a crappy conference. This is a really good team regardless of how bad the competition is.

The Next Seven:

Penn State: Big Ten Champion should be worth something, right?

Texas Tech: Had they not beat Texas, I would not even use the words Red Raiders and poll in the same sentence.

Ohio State: I’ve felt meh about them all season, but if not them, who?

Boise State: Undefeated is still worth something, even if they would take the spot of a better team in a playoff format that saw them exit the first round.

Utah: They’re playing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I’ve got to rank them, right? The same thing goes for the Utes as the Broncos, but in this instance, my beloved Tide can prove me right.

Cincinnati:  Played pretty good down the stretch, winning their last six and the Big East title in the process.

Georgia Tech: They have the same record as the division champions and are playing better ball at the end of the season.

  • Of course a lot could happen but I don’t believe that a four-team playoff would work this year. Eight teams might make it a little better.
  • This is also the first year that my favorite model of all conferences having a championship game as a conclusion to the regular season, due to the joke of an OOC schedule shared by the aforementioned Big XII South. I am worried that we’ll see more of that as teams seek to jockey for the more lucrative bowls.

It’s looking more and more like Mike Leach might be the new man on the Plains (ht: Holly).

Leach might be the big name in football because a) he’s bananas and b) because he has Texas Tech at 11-1 (after playing two, yes two, FCS opponents) but let’s keep it real folks.

I present you two reasons not to fear the consumate pirate in the best damn conference on college football.

Exhibit A: The 2006 Cotton Bowl: Alabama 13 Texas Tech 10

and even more telling,

Exhibit B: Greg McElroy

If Shula could beat out Leach for a kid from his own state (Texas at that time), I don’t think Saban will have much to worry about.

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