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Update (10/14/08): Senator Blutarsky has the full poll up.

Top Five:



Penn State

Oklahoma State


Next Seven:




Ohio State



Michigan State





North Carolina

Texas Tech

Georgia Tech

Anyone from the Big East that can distinguish themselves


  • Number of unbeaten teams fell from twenty to fifteen this week.
  • All five non-BCS unbeatens remained that way – I want to show some love but the resumes are just so blah. Utah got the nod but even winning may change that soon. I just don’t think they could beat LSU, for example, who I dropped from the poll for that horrendous showing in Gainesville.
  • Three of the unbeatens are in the Big 12 South – that will work itself out.
  • Texas Tech’s overtime victory over a mediocre Nebraska, at home, coupled with their horrible resume is keeping me from saying they are for real. They have a chance to fix that.
  • Twenty-three one-loss teams this week. That’s up from twenty last week, not counting Notre Dame, who I don’t have to worry about counting now. Within the next two weeks there could be several two-loss teams that deserve more credit than some unbeaten teams.
  • Florida got the top-five nod for the big win over LSU. It could just as easily have been USC or Ohio State. We’re getting to the point of the season where you have a team perform real well in a game and it’s like they are saying, “we want a do-over from the Ole Miss/Oregon State game etc., etc”. I’m just not a fan of that. This could very well be the textbook season where the BCS is doomed. It’s hard to see any one of the Big 12 trio, Alabama, or Penn State going undefeated (forgive me Tide fans; I hope I’m wrong). Imagine a log jam of really good one-loss teams and three non-BCS undefeated teams. I know the season still has to play out… I’m just saying.
  • I spent about an hour on this, research, ballot, and post.
  • The ACC, top to bottom is not a good conference.

Here is an example of a hard working, intelligent, Auburn alumnus. In this case it’s Leeds own Charles Barkley.

(HT: The Noodle)

You stay classy, Auburn.

Have a great weekend. Make sure you call or visit your mother on Sunday.

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