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There is no doubt that the loss in Saturdays game between Alabama and LSU hurt. The Crimson Tide had a chance to win the game and was in it late despite stats that show that it should not have come down to a final drive. All that has been discussed and written about by many with much better credentials than us.

The good news is that last night we didn’t wake up with nightmares about overturned calls or fumbles on sacks. We just hope that Alabama can focus much better than we are as they prepare for a Mississippi State team that is capable and would love nothing more than to beat Alabama for the second straight year. Plus on top of the emotional lows that we are going through a head-cold that seems to be getting worse rather than better set in in the hours after the loss. Posting will be light this week.

On the informational side, Alabama plays the Bulldogs on Saturday at 11:30. Yes, we know that’s the JP(LF) game and yes, we know that is the same time as the Arkansas at Tennessee game. So, yes, a broadcasting group that has extreme trouble producing a single game with any modicum of quality is going to try and pull off two. There is serious concern that the game might be broadcast in black and white (or worse). And no, I don’t know who the fan base is that gets to have the Daves call their game. Oddly, there is the unique possibility that the announcing done by someone other than the traditional Daves (it is certainly possible, and not unlikely, knowing JP, that they will get a whole new crew of Daves to call the other one) will actually have better announcing. We’re assuming that it doesn’t get any worse of course we could be sadly mistaken (Pam Ward is exclusive with ESPN isn’t she?) Wow, we have almost convinced ourselves to be curious rather than scarred about Saturdays broadcast.

Concerning the tailgate: there has been no announcement from the University on kickoff time for Alabama vs. LA-Monroe; however, the SEC has announced the slate of TV games for November 17 and Alabama is not listed so surprise, we’re going to be a Pay-Per-View game. We assume a 2:00 kickoff. It will be the last home game and thus tailgate of the year and as we are again assuming that turnout will be low so it will probably be a great day for the kids (assuming, again, that it isn’t too cold).

The Board will discuss and try to come up with something other than sitting around bitching about the LSU loss or the NCAA. We’ll be back with more info on that next week.

There is the extreme possibility that we will put up something about class later this week as it was a term that was thrown around a lot over the last several days.

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