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All that we’ve been hearing in the build up to the game tomorrow, at least as far as Arkansas is concerned, is Mallett. Mallett, Mallett, Mallett…

If Mallett had been hurt last week, would anyone give Arkansas any chance tomorrow?

If Mallett gets hurt in the first series tomorrow, ala Colt McCoy, would Arkansas be able to even stay on the field?

Sure, the Razorback receivers are good – then again, any group of receivers that gets thrown to that much is going to be good – and Alabama’s secondary is young, but the Razorback ball carriers don’t seem to be a huge threat; Arkansas will attempt to establish to run, only to give Mallett moreĀ opportunities. There again, beyond Ryan Mallett, what is the real threat on this team. It isn’t power running and it isn’t stifling defense.

Is there anyone who says that outside of the arm of Ryan Mallett, the Razorbacks have any chance?

That being the case, the game plan becomes pretty simple. Don’t let Ryan Mallett beat you.

Do you think Nick Saban hasn’t thought about that all week?

Great football teams don’t rely on just one player. Therefore Arkansas really shouldn’t be a great football team. Or should they?

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