This submission marks my return to the blogosphere after a three month lay off. I wan the thank Kleph for inviting me to participate and I look forward to this regular event as a way to rev up my posting. You can see other participants here.
Without further ado:
1.Is Alabama on the verge of a quarterback controversy? The backup quarterback is always a fan favorite, but A.J. McCarron posted good stats from the first spring scrimmage. What are the chances he some significant playing time in 2010? Would that be good or bad?

Saban has shown throughout his career that he will stand behind the starter. McElroy is a proven commodity at this point, will be a two-year starter, and has what no other signal caller in the country has: a National Championship Ring. So unless he’s injured (God forbid) he’s going to start and see the majority of the snaps. If there is any issue I have with Saban, it’s that he doesn’t let the backup QB play enough and I’m always scared of what will happen in an injury situation. I just don’t see anybody other than GMac getting a lot of game work. That’s good if he continues the way he’s been going and bad if he gets injured but either way I have no problem with it.
2. Were there any other bits of good or bad news from the scrimmage that fans should consider?

The difference in years past and this year, as far as my perceptions of Spring Ball is that I have always looked for anything good that happens to hang my hat on as to how the season will be better. This year, I’m confident we are on the right path. I predicted huge things for Terry Grant, Jimmy Johns and quite a few others based on the way they played in the Spring. That turned out well. Honestly, I’m just not following it as much as I typically do, so I’m not gonna do any crystal ball gazing from what always turns out to be partial glimpses that don’t really tell you anything.
3.Homecoming is October 16 against Ole Miss. Thoughts? Is it ever good to play an SEC squad for homecoming?

The scheduling the last few years has made a mid-term patsy harder to come by. Homecoming has gotten to be overrated and a cliche that we hold onto that has little meeting. If your an alumnus and you want to come back to campus and enjoy a game with friends and family, are you gonna chose from between Penn State, Florida, or Auburn or come to the lively festivities surrounding the Georgia State game (who is what I consider HC fodder). Every game means something big. Calling it Homecoming doesn’t change anything. I’m gonna be there regardless and I hope our team shows up and plays to its potential.
4.What does the Menzie injury do to Alabama’s projected depth in the secondary?

There is no question that if Saban recruited him, then the coach believed he could have contributed. Loss of depth hurts, there is no question. But if there is an area that has been a constant in Saban’s tenure, then it has been the development of the players in the secondary. The secondary overall is a concern, but the nature of college football almost dictates that you have depth concerns in one or two units every year. Am I concerned? Yes. Menzie’s absence only intensifies that. Will the team work through it? Recent history says yes.
5.Happy that Duke won the tournament? Happy the basketball season is finally over?

College basketball is probably my third favorite sport and for me personally, my interest in the relative sport has a lot to do with my favorite team’s activity within the sport. Alabama’s absence from post-season play allowed me to focus on other things. I watched the tournament, especially the first round, but not with usual fervor or with the interest I would have had Alabama been deserving of a bid and included. I supose the short answer is that I am indifferent to Duke’s victory. I didn’t even watch the game, because I really just didn’t care. I don’t follow or know anything about Duke’s players this year and didn’t even know where Butler was until I heard it in a news story leading up to the Final Four.
I’ll use the question to say this, though: I think one of the huge negatives for a proposed football tournament is that, inevitably, you’re going to get match ups in the championship game that are less than appealing. Was Butler being in the championship game a good thing? If you’re a fan of Butler, then certainly. If you’re a fan of college basketball, then maybe. If you’re a television advertiser, then probably not. The draw with the Dance is huge in the early rounds and then diminishes as the games continue, unless you get the big name match up. With the current system in football, the excitement, at least as far as the championship goes, is on the last game.