Sometimes when you lie awake in the middle of the night strange thing pop into your mind. Like this:

I never really heard or read this if it’s already been said this year but the thought occured to me that not only was this past season the first time in quite some time that Alabama went undefeated in the regular season (’94 was the last – which ended in similar fashion as this year, a loss to Florida in the Georgia Dome) but also the first in which they went undefeated at home.

I checked some archives and it turns out that ’94 was the last time that Alabama also successfully defended its home turf for a whole season. So that makes thirteen consecutive seasons with at least one home loss.

So much for, “We must protect this house!” Of course that was Tubby’s gig anyway.

Coincidentally, the 2008 campaign is the first (at least in modern times) in which Alabama won all its home games at Bryant-Denny. Meaning, that until 1999, the Tide played at least three games a year at Legion Field and then in 2004, with the closing of the upper deck in Birmingham, they began playing  every home game in Tuscaloosa. Therefore, Alabama has never won this many games in Tuscaloosa in a single year.

The tally stands at seven (extending to the La. Monroe defeat in 2007) and the counting resumes in Spetember.