Fox’s coverage of the BCS game has been laughable at best.

The sideline reporters that are spending time between inane comments in a tanning bed on the sidelines are the least of the worries.

The images of the game itself, when they are available, are just horrific. I can understand wanting to make your coverage stand out by presenting it in a little different manner but it’s costing football fans decent comprehension of the game – and the announcers aren’t even making up for it.

There were enough close ups of players with the ball jumping around to get me sea sick and at least twice they had the camera so focused on an individual player that you didn’t get to see the actual play. That’s not even mentioning the funky angles on replay that made the color guy’s explanation enigmatic at best.

The final sticking point and probably most telling thing from the booth all night though was late in the game when Senator Tressel challenged a spot. The announcers said, “for those of you unfamiliar with the college game…” in an attempt to explain the challenge rule.

The only people watching that weren’t familiar with the college game were the guys actually broadcasting it. And it was totally apparent.

Fox, if your goal was to make Jefferson Pilot/Lincoln Financial/Raycom and the Daves look like award winning football broadcasters, you did a great job.