My Top Five:

Alabama, Texas, Penn State, Georgia, Florida

The Next Seven:

Oklahoma State, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Utah, Florida State, Boise State, Texas Tech

Dropped Out:

LSU, Ohio State, Georgia Tech

Moved In:

Boise State, Florida State, Texas Tech


Oregon, Cal, Michigan State, North Carolina, Minnesota, Tulsa, Ball State


  • All unbeaten teams remained that way this week
  • The one-loss BCS teams has dwindled down to five; I had to consider two-loss teams for the first time
  • Texas Tech finally made it in, as did Boise State; it was very hard for me to do this
  • Once again the last couple of spots in the Next Seven could have gone to several teams but I tried to reward record this week.
  • The Top Five was probably the easiest to pick this week more-so than as any before it; Georgia and Florida have both responded well from adversity (LSU might prove to be less and less of a quality win as the season goes on) and USC stood its ground against questionable competition
  • The Pac-10, ACC, and Big East are horrid, of course every other conference isn’t looking all that great top-to-bottom, including the Big 12, who had such weak early schedules and are now beating each other in what appear to be quality wins. The Big Ten is still a question and it makes me wonder  if there truly is not that much difference between these teams, maybe the unbeaten records of Utah, Tulsa, Boise, and Ball really do deserve a little more credit.
  • I’m glad Alabama has a week to catch its breath (I hope) before traveling to Baton Rouge, but it also seems that teams gain ground more ground with big wins than they do taking care of business over lesser teams.
  • All this talk of Penn State being a lock is premature, just as talk of Alabama or Texas in the BCS is, but if Texas and Alabama remain undefeated, which would mean winning a championship game over a two-loss Mizzou team, and a one-loss Georgia or Florida team respectively, I don’t see how that looks less impressive than Penn State’s sole quality win over a “mediocre” Ohio State team, Herbstreit be damned. Plus the fact that Penn State will be two-weeks from its last game when the final poll comes out.
  • If you think that a three no-loss teamscenario is a nightmare, imagine five or more one-loss teams.