Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Third Saturday in October and the Alabama bloogers are teaming up with the cousin fuckers Tennessee Bloggers and insulting one another working together to do a joint roundtable.

The good folks at Third Saturday in Blogtober, in what would seem to be a random coincidence but actually isn’t, are hosting. Hey, since the Vawls are participating I guess that means we don’t have to do a position-in-the-polls-type question.

I digress.

Both teams at some point or another have been described as an Evil Empire.  If your team is the Death Star, what is it’s planet-destroying weapon?

Rolando McClain. He doesn’t speak Teradactyl and the only philosophy he knows is delivering pain. A close second would be the Cat-like (that’s as in Caterpillar earth moving machinery not feline) offensive line that Alabama possesses.

What is it’s two meter wide exhaust port?

A passing attack – Alabama has given up chunks of yards in the air, over the middle. If UT had a decent quarterback I would be very worried because the run defense could be at a season low without big TC in the middle, and the Tide could be more susceptible to play-action. While it is certainly possible for them to have a break-out game, UT’s offense has defined inconsistent and flacid.

Everyone is looking forward to Eric Berry vs. Julio Jones.  What is the next matchup you’ll be keying on in this game?

I’m really worried about the orange o-line getting a good push on the new, Cody-less d-line. That will have my attention early in the match up.

The Tide and Vols will scrap it out under the lights at Neyland.  Do you like this arrangement and does the later kickoff time provide an advantage to either team?

This doesn’t sound right to say but, Alabama has played its best football this year on the road at night. This team has shown it gets up for a big game. Despite the inconsistencies in the records this is a big game. Advantage Alabama.

Since the Tide had a bye week and the Vols didn’t bother to play that weekend either (zing!) we’re going to say this is the Third Saturday in October just to justify the name of one of the greatest rivalries in college football.  In three thousand words or less, turn over the kettles of white-hot liquid hate upon thine enemy.

I’m worried about this game because I am not worried about this game. Normally I sleep very little and finish the week with very little fingernails. That hasn’t been the case this week. I just don’t think that Tennessee is that good and while I know this is one of those games that you throw everything out of the window. Upsets are possible and I completely understand what it is like to believe that winning one game will make the sun shine a little brighter, the facts are that it rarely works out that way.

This is not the usual game. While I’d like to say that I have laughed maniacally as Tennessee lost the previous four times this year… Ok, I’d be lying if I said anything different; I’ve laughed my Orange Hating Ass off. I don’t feel sorry about it either. I do understand what it’s like to see something I love suffer. I know the pain of watching my team struggle and lose to opponents that it shouldn’t. I know the feeling that just one win over one hated rival would seem to bring only to have it taken away and my already hurting spirit kicked one more time.

The whole time this has gone on I haven’t said a word. It’s like when you see your most hated rival in school given a wedgie by seniors who normally don’t notice your existence. You don’t offer support or laugh, because you could be next. No, you just look down and occasionally glance out of the corner of your eye and hope that your stolen looks don’t add to his embarrassment. I’m not in a position to say what they should do nor am I in a position to point and laugh… well, maybe a little.

Yes, a UT win would be sweet for them and might give a little bit of meaning to this otherwise horrible season. The bad guys (from their perspective) loss would be karma giving back just a little in this cruelest of seasons. Football isn’t like that though. It doesn’t care. The Vols are a bad team and a win by them would be extra devastating because there is no justification for a 7-0 team losing to a 3-4 team. UT lost to UCLA for Pete’s sake.

That’s not saying that it can’t or won’t happen. UT is worthy of respect this year. But make no bones about it Vol fans, you’re in transition. Isn’t any fun is it?