My Top Five:


The Next Seven:

Georgia, Oklahoma State, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, Uath

Dropped Out:

Michigan State, Missouri

Moved In:

Georgia Tech, LSU


Boston College, Florida State, Pittsburgh

Notes and Comments:

  • With BYU losing on Thursday night there are now nine unbeaten teams
  • The number of one-loss BCS teams fell to fourteen
  • Oklahoma State’s win over Mizzou looked a little less impressive since Texas dismantled the Tigers
  • Still not sold on Utah, but didn’t feel like bumping them this week since I haven’t yet
  • The last two spots in the top five (Florida and USC) could have gone to Ohio State, Oklahoma, or Georgia. It’s really a toss-up between them but I felt that the impressive wins – Florida’s last week and USC this week – gave them the edge.
  • Alabama didn’t look good after Cody went down but… they did remain unbeaten and despite shooting themselves in the foot beat a team that beat Florida two weeks ago and they ran off 24 unanswered after trailing for the first time this season.
  • The last three spots in the “second tier” were a little bit harder. I saw a lot of Georgia Tech and Clemson and that (coupled with a loyalty to my grandfather’s rooting interest) gave them the edge beating out Florida State – who is looking better, even if Bowden wasn’t (did anyone else notice that Erin Andrews was doing her best no to crack up as she interviewed him the other night?).
  • Somebody please, please beat Utah, Boise State, Ball State, and Tulsa. I’m tired of even having to consider them.
  • Spending my day both on the Quad, and in a bottle of Maker’s I saw probably less football than I had all year. It made it a little harder to pick, fortunately a lot of the one-loss team added a second loss.
  • I spent about twenty minutes researching (my season low) and twenty minutes on the post