Alabama 41 Georgia 30

I haven’t read anything yet and my knowledge is only of the game itself (with occasional stats) and Gameday Final (before I passed out). These are the thoughts that I had and wanted to put them down in a rare Sunday post.

  • The first half would have to constitute the best half of football I have ever witnessed. Five offensive possessions, four touchdowns and one field goal. Those thirty-one points, in theory, were enough to win the game. Georgia made a hell of a run, and certainly never gave up, but the deficit was just too much to overcome. They would have had to play a perfect half in return and that was just a little too much to ask.
  • The first half was so bad from the Bulldog perspective that Baby Jesus himself cussed in the post first half interview. Priceless.
  • John Parker (I’ll forever drop Ross’ Brother) played the game of his life. If some were correct in that the Georgia defense would force him to win the game, he responded and responded well. Perfect management. His overall numbers might not be as good as Stafford’s – although the two-to-zero interception numbers loom large – but he did exactly what he had to do. He looked sharp, threw good balls and threw it away when he had to.
  • Penalties do matter. Two early penalties by Georgia kept drives alive. It is impossible to say what that meant to the outcome but if your Georgia and you’re playing “what if” this morning you’d have to think about that. Discipline in football matters.
  • Julio, without question, won the battle of number eights.  Green is a great player, but I’d have to say that Jones looked less like a freshman than A.J. did.
  • The loss of Ellerbee hurt. I felt surely that he would return, as I watched him jog to the locker room.
  • The defense played good enough. The first-half effort was phenomenal and Knowhson was never a factor (has he had a worse game as a starter?). They moved the ball when they had too in the second half and that makes me question Alabama’s ability to stop the pass. Had this game been close, the Bulldogs ability to move the ball would have hurt. But you have to think that the game plan was to negate Moreno and force the pass. The run d and the lead did just that. UGA also seemed to be in a lot more max protect in the second half.
  • Maybe Richt needs to worry more about coaching and leave the comedy and jabs to others – it just doesn’t suit him. (I couldn’t resist that, sorry).
  • Was last night the funeral for the black jerseys?
  • This is the biggest win since at least the ’99 season when Alabama beat a second ranked, Darth Visor coached Florida team in the swamp. This Georgia team is good. They will win most, if not all, of their games this season. I’ve got to pull for Florida in the cocktail party because if Alabama can make it back to Atlanta (that’s still a big if, but it looks more plausible today) I would hate to play the Bulldogs again.
  • The SEC West beat up on the East yesterday. I recall someone saying the East was clearly better. It doesn’t look that way today.

Roll Tide! I can’t remember being more nervous and excited by a football game. I was screaming Rammer Jammer in my living room just like I was there. This is what Alabama football is about and what I remember as a younger person.