I’ve consumed more written press on the Alabama/Georgia contest this week than should be allowed by law. My desk is littered with penciled notes on tiny pieces of paper from all the thoughts on I’ve had on this game. This game has it all: traditions, top-ten match up, uber-coaches, electric atmosphere, grizzled veterans, and super star freshman that have a visceral buzz around them.

I’ve decided not to write about any of that and just say this:

If you are a fan of Alabama or Georgia then these are the moments you live for. Win, and at least for a little while, the world will be yours. Lose and.. well, I’ll leave it at that.

From one perspective you can say that tomorrow will be a wasted day. I won’t get much done and all of it, from the moment I rise until toe touches ball, will be lived in anticipation.

But I am certain of this: I will live enough in the following three hours to make up for weeks and weeks of calendar watching.

This is it. Get loud!

Beat the hell out of the dawgs!