What’s up with the Cocks? I was at the Aimee Mann show at the Bama Theater last night and missed the entire Cocks-Commies game. Suffice to say when I got home and turned on sports center and was the score I was amazed. When we met a friend that was going to the show with us at Innisfree it was 7-0 Cocks and I felt certain that SC would run away with it.

A quick look at the stats shows that Carolina’s D played well enough to win, limiting Vandy to 225 yards and less than 100 passing. Contrast that to Carolina’s 325 and TOP that was almost identical and you find that, based on a look at stats alone, it appears that Vandy won the turnover battle (3-1) and hence the game.

That’s the second time this week (the other being Tennessee/UCLA) we have seen a team dominate the other statistically and still lose. The point children is this, being the better team talent wise is not a mandate for victory. Mistakes are the great equalizer. You have to be both talented and disciplined to consistently win football games. I know, file that under stuff you already knew.

Tailgating and Alabama Football-Other than the fact that it is the first home game and thus tailgate tomorrow it is hard to get real excited for Tulane. Alabama is almost a 30 point favorite and that does not give me great confidence. The two best things about tomorrow, other than beer on the Quad at 9:30, are the enthusiastic reception the team will get appearing in from of the home crowd for the first time combined with the big win last week and witnessing how they respond from said win and perform; basically, will they play to the same level or down to their competition. Either way, a day on the Quad and in the stadium is pretty much better than a day doing anything else on earth.

Booers Suck– Finally, I mentioned yesterday in the houndstooth post that i was not a fan of booing (I’ll have to work in the other grievances in later posts). Let me cut to the chase on this one. If you boo then you are a loser. Booing is the single most classless thing you can do at a football game.

Have I ever booed? Yes. I’ve booed Tennessee, LSU and Auburn when they came on the field and I’ve booed officials after questionable calls. I regret all of that. Does that make me a hypocrite for castigating others that boo? I don’t think so. I mean, I wet my bed before (when I was a small child and once when… oh never mind) but that doesn’t stop me from telling you that bed wetting is not cool either.

Mal Moore sent a memo out reminding all of us fans of the recent trails and tribulations of the Tulane football team and requested that we all give them warm applause when they enter the stadium. I’m glad he did but he shouldn’t have had to. There is no reason to ever boo young men when they take the field of play. Do you think that if you don’t boo they might believe you wan them to win? Do you think it intimidates them? I doubt it, it probably fires them up even more. I just can’t think of one single reason to boo the opponent when they come on the field.

When Alabama traveled to Oklahoma in 2002 I was very impressed with the video message reminding the Sooner fans to treat all of their guests with dignity and respect. There was no booing. I am jealous of that atmosphere and desire that all opposing fans, even Tennessee, Auburn, and LSU fans leave our stadium saying that they were treated well. Regardless of how you were treated elsewhere, you should never be part of the reason that an opposing fan or player has a bad experience in “our house”.

One thing that I have never done and find more reprehensible than anything else is booing my own team. Whether it is a player or coach if you feel the need to boo your own then you seriously need to question why you are at the stadium. It’s disgusting, it’s classless, it’s low-rent, and anyone who particiapates in that kind of behavior is, at least for that moment, a loser. And that’s with a capital L. I could go on about why not and how it’s percieved by players, rivals, and media but it’s really just pointless. I don’t care how much you paid for your ticket or what rights you think you have with that purchase, if you feel the need to boo the team that’s wearing the same color as you then you need to do everyone a favor, including yourself and leave. Go cuss and throw stuff in the privacy of your own home or car but don’t do it in the stadium.

Enjoy your weekend and Roll Tide! Beat Tulane!

A little Aimee Mann for you in honor of last night’s great performance.