Link Update. I updated my links section on the right with a few new additions (at least as far as my links go). Bama Sports Report always has a bunch of information – plus they have been linking to me for quite a while, so I kinda owed them. Eight in the Box had put the keyboard down for a while but has thankfully picked it back up and I appreciate the link from their site. Make sure to check out the Coffee Conversations.

The last link might be a little bit of an enigma, but despite his rooting interest, the Joe Cribbs Car Wash is a fantastically written blog. If you want to get an open, honest, well thought-out view through the eye of the Tiger check out this blog.  It has become one of my many stops on my daily trips through cyber-space.

Injuries, Injuries.Looks like the Injury bug hit Georgia and Ole Miss big time yesterday. The losses of Sturdivant and Hardy (while only for six to eight weeks) loom big for the respective programs. Maybe it’s just the parent in me but I keep expecting to get to the office every morning and hear about the big injury in practice yesterday and every day that passes without that news leads me to believe that Alabama is  in for a big one. Of course, on the other hand maybe Croyle, Prothro, Closner, and Knight have paid Alabama’s karmic dues

So long Chef. It hasn’t been mentioned very much in the things I have read but as most of you know by now, Issac Hayes past away this past weekend. There has been a lot of discussion from folks about the man ans his music and almost every one of them mentions the theme for “Shaft” and rightly so as it earned him a Grammy award. But in my opinion his most pivotal piece of music, the one that opened his genius to a whole new generation and secured his legacy in Americana is this composition right here:

Travel well Mr. Hayes, travel well.