Here are the responses to the new round of questions from the good folks at Roll Bama Roll:

1. And the Valley Shook recently posted their thoughts on “Saban the Disciplinarian.” As LSU partisans, they have a lot more experience with Coach Saban than we do, and I’m interested in your thoughts on why we feel like Saban is the man to restore discipline in Tuscaloosa.

If there is a maxim I have when it comes to college football, it is this: Winning cures everything. Since football is a game, it is about wins and losses and if a coach doesn’t win nothing else he does, no matter how good for a player or society as a whole, matters very much – at least in the court of public opinion. That is not to say that he doesn’t need to be a stand-up guy and expect that from his players but at the end of the day it’s about winning football games. Had Coach Bryant not won a whole bunch of football games the copious stories of making men from boys would never be heard. Bryant’s legacy, at its root, is about turning boys into winners. I never thought I would find my self agreeing with anything that Terry Bowden said but in a recent interview he quoted his father who stated, “If discipline won football games then Army and Navy would never lose.” (I’m going from memory, that could be slightly off – but the point is the same). Auburn fans are crowing now about the type of players Tubberville recruits and the comparative problems that aren’t happening in their program. All this talk will come to naught or at worst become an excuse should Alabama win in the November. Does that mean that I think what happened with Johns and Elder, and Castille, Johnson, et al is alright? No, but with the exception of Johns ans Elder, I’m not that surprised or upset either and I do not believe that Johns and Elder are the face of the program. When all of Shula’s recruits are gone the problems will not magically stop, but I don’t believe you can have a program that is trouble-free and also successful on the field. I’d be happy to entertain contenders for that title but I can’t think of one right off. I also don’t believe young men, from 18 to 23 are getting worse. I think that society has changed, for the worse, and that we are now apprised of every single event that happens. Boys, so to speak, will always be boys, but instead of rumor around campus, their antics are the fodder for a multitude of media outlets.

To summarize, football coaches are paid to win football games. That is all. If we want a team devoid of trouble of any sort then we need to hire a drill instructor and recruit kids from the best backgrounds. If that happened Alabama wouldn’t be in the Fulmer Cup standings but then again they wouldn’t be in the A.P. and Coaches standings either.

2. And on that note, what’s your gut instinct on any further arrests before the start of the season?

I hope we’re done. I believe that should have scared everybody straight and I also believe that Johns absence will help to unite the team.

3. On a forward looking note, name the game you are most excited about this coming season and why.

Always the Tennessee game; whether it’s Mid-March, the start of July, the end of September, or the day after it’s played, the Third Saturday in October defines college football for me.

4. What’s the game you are dreading the most?

Georgia- It’s just going to be so tough to win in Athens and my loathing of the sanctimonious spouting of the typical Georgia fan makes we not excited about that contest.

5. Finally, give me the dream play you want to see posted in YouTube form on every football blog this season involving the Crimson Tide.

A Lee Tiffin field goal sailing through the uprights as time expires and the instantaneous bowing of heads of the Georgia faithful as their national championship dreams collapse around them. You could replay that for LSU and Auburn as well, although in all honesty I think that Little Brother will be the only other team we play that might still harbor those dreams when we play them.