I’m tired, I’ve got too much work to do, I don’t want to do it, and with everything that went on last week with the blog it’s just been a little overwhelming. I’m behind on the Worst of Times and I’m goin to have to speed it up to get all ten done with enough time to do the Best of Times. Alright, enough crying for the “whah”mbulance.

Here are this weeks round table questions: (Special thanks to 3rd Saturday in Blogtober for moderating this week). [Ed.: Why can’t it just be thanks? What makes any thanks more special than any other thanks?]

1) Thanks to Roy Kramer legacy scheduling, Bama is in it’s “road year” when most of the great games will be on the road and season tickets basically are buy one (Iron Bowl) get seven free. You get to swap one home game for one road game. What’s your call?

Kentucky for Georgia. Are you kidding me? That’s a no-brainer. That took like 2.6 seconds. Next! (I’d normally trade anything to keep from going to Fayetteville but that is a very winnable road game.)

2) After Clemson, our Non-Con schedule is pretty weak. You are able to trade any one them for any BCS team in the country. Who and why?

I’m a sucker for traditional match ups and after going there and really enjoying the fans and the games – well, other than losing both – I’d have to go with Oklahoma. Note to Mal Moore: Schedule another series with the Sooners.

3) You can bring back one player from Alabama history to play in his college condition. Who do you want?

I try not to read the comments of other bloggers before I write my own but I did see where TideFaninTN went with Biscuit, who I was going to pick, so I’m going with Derrick Thomas instead. He was a close second anyway and I sure do miss the way he blew up a play (I was about to say a la David Pollack, but to be fair Pollack did it a la DT).

4) Frankly, the idea of non-traditional food at a stadium is borderline sacrilegious. Still, the change is coming whether you like it or not, so it might as well benefit you. Gone will be the stale soft pretzels and nacho cheese. You get to pick one thing to replace it.

I’m sure that I’m going to be called a heathen or communist but I just don’t get all that torn up about losing the possibility of paying three times too much for the 13-year-old Brookwood High School softball player  to hand me an hours old mediocre hot dog and stale popcorn. First, we eat much, much better at the tailgate (can you say Chicken-on-a-stick?) and I’m usually full, second, I generally look at food during the game as a barrier to maintianing the buzz I’ve worked hard all morning to generate (the balance between pre-game drinks and the contents of a flask during the game is such a fine, delicate art that I cannot begin to do it justice here), and third, it’s just not good food. Period. I am however, very excited about the return of Coke. Bourbon simply does not work with Dr. Pepper or heaven forbid, Pepsi. I am officially not answering this question out of my sheer and utter devotion for the poured covertly-under-the-seat, mixed-with-a-shaker-handle, sweet, sweet nectar-of-heaven; bourbon and coke. It’s as much a part of football as the actual football. Anyone that says differently is just wrong. [Ed.: I’m sorry for the rambling; there are just some things I believe in.]

5) Since we would never wish injury upon another player, let’s say the President calls and says you can send one player from an opponent’s team to Guantanamo Bay before the game. Who do you pick and why?

Whoever the cookie cutter, replacement defensive lineman that has been plugged into the Auburn defensive line this year is. Where does Tubby keep getting these guys and why can’t Alabama’s O-line ever seem to block them. Brodie Croyle just cried out from fear and pain as I typed this.

That was fun. I feel much better.