This weeks Crimson & White Roundtable Roundup will be up a little later as I still have to get it edited. There were a lot of good responses. Come back later and check that out.

The Zapruder Film it’s not. Ian Rapoport has gotten his hands on the surveillance tapes from the Legacy on the night that Rashad Johnson was arrested. First of all, it gave me really bad flash backs into multiple experiences in bars around here during my tenure of frequenting clubs [best line I ever heard: “just don’t hit me in the face”] and to agree yet again with Cecil Hurt, if you want to say that Rashad was somehow at fault you probably could and if you want to say security went too far, you could say that as well. In my opinion it’s much ado about nothing and more importantly it’s over, so it doesn’t matter what the Warren Commission that forms on Finebaum (and the Opening Drive, and the Roundtable) have to say about it.

He fought the law, and he (as well as us) won. Speaking of Johnson and news that isn’t being talked about enough, all of Johnson’s charges have been dropped, which means, much to the chagrin of Auburn and Tennessee fans, this incident is over and there will be no misdemeanors much less felonies. Britton Colquitt has seen the way Johnson parties and thinks he a pussy.

If it weren’t for the completely obnoxious coverage that includes Mike Tirico and Chris Berman together, on the same broadcast, I could watch the US Open non-stop for four straight days. In sunny California today, Tide golfer Michael Thompson will try to make the cut. Thompson shot an opening round 73 and is six strokes off the lead at 3-over solidly tied for 49th. I would think that he needs to shoot as well or better today to continue playing into the weekend. Hit them well Mr. Thompson.

It’s getting better. Cecil Hurt runs down Alabama’s improvement in the NCAA cup. The good news is Alabama is up from last year and should finish solidly in the top 30. The bad news, if you wan to call it that, is that’s about middle-of-the-pack. I think that most of us believe that Alabama can and should do better.

If I weren’t married and completely in love with my beautiful wife, and she weren’t a Vol fan that lives in California, and I actually had met her in real life rather than just corresponded with her in a few emails about blog posts I would totally heart her. Considering all the obstacles I’ll just say that I enjoy her wit and talent and hope to work on something else with her in the future; Holly is still piloting the Good Ship Swindle and today is not Friday, it’s Corrections Day. This weekly feature is one of the funniest things I read on a regular basis. Check it out when it’s up later (here is last week’s version). Even if she is a Vol.

Finally, a little music:

A live version of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals’ “Magnolia Mountain”

“Steady my soul and ease my worry, hold me when I rattle like a humming bird humming”

Enjoy your Friday.