After being blamed for the dearth of NFL talent at the Capstone and the assertions by Buzz Bissinger and Bob Costas that have hit the blogosphere ad nauseum I can no longer continue to operate this blog in good conscience. Therefore, I will no longer be blogging.

Just kidding! This is just starting to get fun.

There has been a lot said about the blogger bashing on Costas Now and Best Damn Sports Show Period by many that are smarter and better writers than me but there are a couple of things I’ll add:

Printed media was once a very hard thing to access and even harder to publish. With the outlets being so few, I believe that it was important to establish credibility and integrity when your voice was heard. Training- whether an apprenticeship, college degree, or combination of both – became important not only as a means to maintain credibility, but also as a means to make yourself standout in a competitive job market. As the outlets became more numerous, some integrity was lost for the sake of competition – the rise of sensationalism is how I like to refer to it. With the advent of blogs, literally anyone’s voice may be heard. Competition and subsequently sensationalism has risen to an all time high (and will only increase).   It is ultimately up to the consumer to decide where he (she) gets his (her) information. That will be the ultimate test for any media outlet; print, television, blogs, etc. I still read the paper on occasion but only because a.) it’s kind of comfortable to do so, like a well worn shirt and b.) I don’t have wifi and therefore can’t get my laptop to the john, where my serious reading takes place.

To discredit a voice as not worthy of being heard, simply because it is heard in what is considered by some as an unorthodox medium is simply wrong . To act sanctimonious about bloggers because you have a degree in journalism or are considered a writer is not only elitist it is also ignorant. I believe that it is fear (coupled with the aforementioned ignorance)  that they are becoming irrelevant (and they are) is what is driving people like Bissinger, Costas, Stephen A. Smith, et al to act the way that they are.

I, for one, do not claim to be professional about this. I do try to be honest and I do try to have some integrity with this. I try to legitimize my post by linking to “credible” media sources and I believe am in the process of establishing credibility.  Even though this blog is done anonymously I do try to write as if my identity will become known. I am proud of my name and don’t want to soil it. That and that alone is the reason I try not to say anything here that I would not say in person.