In the build up to the NFL, which starts tomorrow, there was an article earlier this week in USA Today  stating that most NFL talent comes from California, Florida, and Texas. I’ll take “Shit I already knew” for $500 Alex. That makes sense right, I mean they are three of the four largest states, population wise. The article also points this out and increases the boast by stating that theses three states, “outperform their population.” Still not earth shattering news.

Well, my man Gerry Dorsey wasn’t satisfied with that and goes out and does some actual research (had their been the internet and Google when I was in high school and early in my college career I would have been a damn Rhodes Scholar). Gerry came up with some interesting facts that shed a little light on the states that produce the most talent. I’ll let you read it for yourself, here.

Speaking of Rhodes Scholars, I’m on my way to the Talladega Superspeedway this Sunday to witness the grand festival that is NASCAR. There was a time that I didn’t miss a race in Talladega but that was several years ago. My dad still attends the spring race as he has done for about the last decade and a half and I’m going this time as much for him as I am myself but in reality it’s not as fun as it used to be.

Instead of sleeping-in a little on Sunday, I’ll be up at some ridicuolus hour so that we can be in Birmingham by the time the sun in visible and in our parking spot by 8:00. Then we’ll tailgate for four hours, which is actually the best part of it, and be in the track with 100,000 plus of our closest friends for four hours plus of baking in the sun, sweating, drinking cheap beer, listening to half the rednecks call Jeff Gordon a “faggot” while the other half defend him before cramming our sweaty, stinky, beer seeping form out pores, bodies into the car, racing thirty feet to the line of traffic and sitting in the parking lot three hours before making about thirty-five miles per hour for the ninety mile back to Tuscaloosa, hopefully making it home by 10:00 so I can get eight hours of alcohol processing sleep and struggle to work Monday morning feeling like shit. So I got that going for me; which is nice.

I actually used to follow the sport quite a bit and have respect for the drivers. I also understand the appeal of it. The best thing I have ever heard said about it was from a guy I used to work for who said, “I don’t care who you are or what you do; when they crank all forty-three of those cars and accelerate for that first lap, everybody in that place is a little bit redneck.”

I just don’t follow it anymore. All the drivers I used to like are dead or retired and in that specail way that they have, Fox has beaten any fun out of the coverage and the sport by over-analyzing everything and making the event about an hour and a half too long. You watch, given enough time they’ll ruin college football if they let them show enough games.

Just let DW and that other redneck guy announce the race and start coverage as they fire the engines. There is plenty of time with the endless green flag lap racing to develop any story you need to. And no, I don’t want to see Kelly Clarkson or ZZ Top sing before the race. I’m going to a race not a concert. If I wanted to see Brooks and Dunn, I’d blow my fucking head off. I’m hear to see a race – which is long enough as it is. Every tune that whatever artist they have up there singing is five minutes taken off my sleep time Sunday night. I’ve got an iPod, I’ll be alright.

It’s about like starting the NBA season in December so that they can tell us about LeBron and Kobe for a month, mixed in with Beyonce (not that theres anything wrong with that) and Flo-Rida concerts. Entertainment is good. Sports are good. Live music is good. Put them together and it’s just fucking stupid and a waste of my time. Plus it’s not like I’m not paying extra to see Miss Independent shake her ass.

Gentlemen, start you engines.