Last week was a good week, in the sense that a lot of people checked out this here blog thanks to the good ship Swindle and company over at EDSBS. The problem now becomes, how do I keep you entertained and coming back.

I was thinking recently that I do not have any regular features on this blog and wanted to add one. My desire was that it would be ridiculously simple and yet flexible and entertaining enough to keep people coming back for more.  I also liked the idea of a Monday thing and thus had even more reason to keep it simple.

Last week, on the day that this was WordPress’ “fastest growing blog“, the blog in second place was called 22 Words.  The point of 22 Words is to get to the point of any topic in 22 words or less. I like this and while I’ll be the first to admit that if I have ever uttered anything funny or intelligent, someone else said it first, I didn’t want to copy that straight away.

But I came up with something else that I believe is closely related and thus proudly present to you the first Picture Me Rollin’ regular feature, Football Haiku:

Now, joy in Bama

Not on the court or diamond

No arrests this week

So there you have it. Now please make this somewhat fun and add your own. The only rules is that it must be a Haiku in the loosest sense of the form; five, seven, and five syllables. It should also have something to do with football, preferably college, but I won’t get to picky.

Have a great week!