Fans, followers, and observers of College Football have been anxiously awaiting today. It’s the day that high school athletes sign their letters of intent to the universtiy they have chosen to play for. There is probably no fan base that is more excited about today than those that follow the Alabama Crimson Tide. The main reasons for this excitement is that this is Coach Saban’s first full class of recruits and the class itself is projected to hold more talent than has been on campus in a single class in a long, long time.

There are several places that will provide free, in-depth coverage of the events of today and especially the much anticipated decisions by the few remaining un-pledged recruits. You can look here and here.

As my contribution for today I thought I would give you a few “does” and “doesn’ts”.

National Signing Day:

Does – give fans a chance to brag about an accomplishment, which is a big thing to a lot of Alabama fans for the relative lack of bright spots the last several years.

Doesn’t – automatically equate to success on the field. It certainly improves the chances of success but games, seasons, and championships are decided on the field, Saturdays in the fall. Not on Wednesdays in February. I’d trade ten 4-stars for a victory over Auburn or Tennessee.

Does –  Give you an oppurtunity to tease rival fans about “the one that got away.”

Doesn’t – Complete a pass on 4th and Goal from the 20 to win a come-from-behind-win. Again, I’d trade the former for the latter.

Does – Make you feel good about the future of your program.

Doesn’t – Mean that you’ll actually get to see these kids play on Saturday. Odds are that a few if not several will never actually take meaningful snaps.

Does – Give you an excuse for drinking celebritory shots.

Doesn’t – Mean you’ll wake up without a hangover.

Does – Give the potential that weaknesess on the team will be shored up.

Doesn’t – Mean that weakness will be shored up August 30, 2008, or November 29, 2008, or late November, 2009. This is a process. It will take time.

So enjoy today for what it is; a mid-winter, off season diversion that gives you decent evidence that the program is heading in a direction you want it to (or not so much if your a UT fan this year) and nothing more.