Color me stoked. It seems that the boys over at Roll Bama Roll have been tracking planes today. Their conclusion is that John McNulty, the Offensive Coordinator at Rutgers, is from Scranton and since the University’s plane was in Scranton today that McNulty is at least interviewing. I’m not buying it though; if your gonna go after someone you might as well get the best. The best in Scranton, without question, would be Michael Scott.

There is no doubt he would be a great fit. His management skills are unsurpassed and his abilty to relate to the kids is unquestioned.

My only question would be: What kind of buyout does Dunder Mifflin have?

*just to be clear – Michael Scott is a fictional character and will not be the next offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama. So don’t bother telling me his scheme doesn’t fit with our players.