In our previous post we discussed the complexities involved with Lincoln Financial (affectionately referred to as crap JP) broadcasting two games simultaneously from the Southeastern Conference. We proposed the possibility of two separate crews consisting completely of people named Dave and sucky announcing of monstrous proportions.

Turns out we were 1/3 right on the second crew or 4/6 (we realize that reduces) overall. Dave Archer, who got replaced by another Dave on the regular SEC crew this year, is returning to do color for the Alabama-Mississippi State game this Saturday (same crap time – same crap channel).

It appears that the Daves will be in Knoxville for the Arkansas-UT game (ha!) and that Alabama and State fans will get the broadcasting crew of Bill Rosinski, Dave Archer, and Jenn Hildreth. Now we all remember Dave from years past and if memory serves, Jenn did some, if not all of the SEC team preview shows on Fox Sports South two years ago. She was replaced by the cute blond this year but we believe we saw her doing some of the ACC preview shows (not that we watched any of those mind you).

A quick search revealed that Rosinski was the voice of the Atlanta Falcons in the early 90’s and then was the voice of the Carolina Panthers. To be honest, we just don’t know anything about him beyond what we read in his bio. If you can get over the fact that he’s a yankee (maybe you can’t, we’ve yet to hear him talk) you still have to think about the fact that this is JP’s “B” team. Think about being second string to the Daves. There has been many a college athlete quit the team for much less.

All of a sudden we are greatly lamenting the delay from television to radio so that Eli Gold’s calls are 10 seconds ahead of the action. Maybe the DVR? It would require pinpoint timing, which is tough in our experience with Comcast DVRs, but it just might be worth a shot.