A few days ago we showed you the video someone associated with LSU made to hype the game and of course we made fun of it. Well now there is an Alabama response and it’s a pretty good answer. The music is better at least (Metallica kicks Phil Collins ass like mixed-martial-arts fighters kick Derrick Odom’s ass anyday) and the clips are much better in our opinion. Watch for the Saban-Miles contrast later in the production. (HT: Loser with Socks – which is a bunch of whiney-ass juvenile Alabama haters but did post this video anyway)

Oh, and then there’s this (HT: RollBamaRoll). LSU fans probably shouldn’t mock anyone about hats. But that’s OK because we have our own answer for hats… of course you’ll have to be at the tailgate to see our response… or wait until next week.