LSU week has arrived and things couldn’t be any better. This is the game that folks have been waiting for all year, or more exactly since January 3, 2007; the day that Nick Saban became the head coach at the University of Alabama. It is understood that this Saturday’s game has been circled on the calendar of the LSU faithful since their former leader’s plane touched down at the Tuscaloosa airport. For proof of that one has to look no further than the signs held by fans deriding Saban at ESPN College Gameday’s two stops in Baton Rouge earlier this season.

Without a doubt the rivalry got bigger when Saban came to T-Town, a fact that Les Miles acknowledged himself when he refered to the team clad in crimson as “Fucking Alabama”at the Bayou Bash held on the day national letters of intent are signed back in February. (I can’t find the youtube video of the actual statement; any help would be greatly appreciated). You can sense the seething hatred of all things Alabama though in the following clip taken at the same function when Miles refers to the two recruits that came from Alabama. (Best part is about 3:00 in)

Is that Miles’ wife behind him? I thought Billy Jean King was way older than that? Further proof is the following video that started making the rounds last week.

Seriously?! If you’ve got to stoop to horrific Phil Collins redux (look french word!) songs to make a video then you’re stretching already. There were lots of clips of nice hits this season and several form last years Alabama-LSU game in Baton Rouge. You know, the one where Alabama’s pitiful Shula coached offense put up gawdy numbers on the vaunted Chinese Bandit defense. Noticeably absent were clips from this years Kentucky game. What’s up with that?

They also showed some clips of the beatdown from ’02. You know the one where Alabama shut them out. At home. Of course Saban was the coach of LSU at that time. That seems to be the point of this game to the Tiger faithful. It’s LSU versus Saban, not LSU  versus Alabama.

Well, here are the facts: The line opened at LSU -7.5. The game is going to be televised by CBS with a 4:00 kickoff. The weather is going to be perfect with clear skies, highs in the low 70’s and cooling rapidly as the sun sets (which will happen about half-time) into the 50’s.

The line is probably right as LSU should be the more talented team. ESPN is not coming to town which also makes sense as Arizona State at Oregon has more far reaching ramifications. But one thing is certain; this will be the biggest game in Tuscaloosa this year and with the favorable weather and good time slot, tailgating will be in full effect.

Check back all week as there will be a lot more to talk about this week.